Playing Persona 4 crashes my display
I played the game and with the configurations I followed online, it went smoothly, 30 minutes into the gameplay, I noticed that my screen suddenly becomes black then it's either this weird sound or just silence. I dunno, maybe there's a setting somewhere...I was hoping that there is a tweak that I could make in order to solve this problem. Here are my specs:

Intel Core i5 [email protected]
4 gb Ram (3.24 usable)
windows 7 at 32 bit
Directx 11
Nvidia GeForce GT 230 integrated RamDac

Thanks to the repliesSmile

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Does the PC become inoperable after that happens? Do you need to do a reboot to make it work again? Does it work again after a bit? What exactly does happen?

The emulator wouldn't cause your PC to crash, it would only be triggering some instability already there so if you can provide more info we could try to figure what's going on.
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I can't see because the screen becomes black...when I try to press the keyboard, nothing happens or at least I dont know if anything happens since it's blackSad No windows, no explorer, na da. Well, whenever this happens, I shut down the pc by pressing the power button long enough...
Too little data to make a diagnosis, it can be anything from a driver issue to hardware heating.

Some useful keys to try and bring the Explorer Up:

Esc - it should bring the PCSX2 GUI and allow you to see again is the problem is in the game itself.

Alt + Enter - to put you on windowed mode

Alt + Tab - to cycle between running applications

and least but most chances to work: Ctrl + Alt + Del - should bring the windows screen with several options, the first one to be attempted is to bring on the "Task Manager" and from it to shut down the emulator.

If that one fails, surely you have a hardware issue and must care of it ASAP before something dies in your computer.

PCSX2 is a demanding software both over the CPU and video card and so can make them overheat under a faulty or just not enough cooling system. In that case it should happen with other demanding applications, like most games as well.

Anyway, even if everything fails you should look at the PCSX2 log at least to see if it reports any error. It's a file and as so survives the reboot.

Finally, you or someone you know that has experience with computers, should... actually Must look at the "Event viewer" found under the "Administrative tools" in the Windows "Control Panel". Surely it will have "Error" or "Critical" entries that help to pinpoint the problems and causes.

Addendum: it's strongly advised you get a temperature monitoring software and keep an eye on it for a while.

While trying to figure out the issue you should run the emulator windowed and not in full screen.
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I tried all the commands and nothing happens. so i shut it down by pressing the power button long enough.

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