Playing "The Bouncer" on keyboard (Pressure sensitivity controls)

I'm trying to play The Bouncer, a game that makes heavy use of the 'Pressure Sensitivity' capability of the PS2's dualshock controller. I wanted to use my fightstick or an xbox controller originally while do research I heard sort of that you can activate a 'toggle' to switch the way your buttons/controls work in the emulator, for example pressing L2 will change your control scheme if you set it up. 

The game's combos are relatively fast paced and I don't really want to do this. What I'm asking today is kind of;

Is there a way I can setup my keyboard to have one key use Square at full sensitivity and another key mapped to Square using it at below half sensitivity to activate the 'light' press of a button, for example? It would be much easier for the gameplay instead of having to toggle in between a button press and another really quickly. I'd just press keys C and D to 'combo' a light square into a heavy square input. Is this possible? Thank you in advance for any information or guidance, I'm looking forward to trying to get this to work. This is one of my favorite games of all time.

Please let me know if theres any info I missed on giving that could help you guys further understand what I'm trying to convey. Below is an image attached of how I would like to setup my keyboard to play the game. L M H J just means Cross, Square, Triangle, Circle, but in the game's context meaning Low, Medium, Heavy, Jump. Lowercase versions are what I want to map the 'lower sensitivity' versions of the buttons to, if this is possible it would make my year. The stuff up top left can be ignored as they aren't related to this.


Edit: Staff of forum can close/delete this thread, issue is resolved.

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