Playing fine and then... a CRASH.
Hi guys, I'm new on these forums. Nice to meet y'all.
I bought a new PC. It's configuration:
Processor: Q8200 (2.33GHz Quad Core)
Memory: 4GB
Video: Integrated.

Yeah, I know, my video is not that good and all, but I tried to play KH anyway. And, when I saw it playing at 60FPS, I've thinked "Hey, looks playable". But suddenly, MY PC CRASH. Nope works, mouse, keyboard. It really freezed...

I used PCSX2 0.9.6 with GSdx 890 plugin (SSE4.1), on Direct3D9 (Software) mode.
It crashes on FMVs, when I'm on the gameplay, it lasts more to freeze my pc.

So, I want to know:
Any light on this problem?
The problem is just the GPU? If it is, what GPU can I buy to play? I saw the minimum requirement is a 8600GT. There's an equivalent from ATI?
And my CPU, it's good enough to play some games at 60FPS? (hey, if KH plays on 60FPS, maybe the Castlevanias and Wild Arms too...).

Thanks in advance.

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try the latest revisions of gsdx.. you can find it here
to run a game in pcsx2 depends entirely on one's rig and your pcsx2 settings for each game..your cpu is good already but if I am on your place I could pull off more than just 2.33 ghz..

seriously, if you wanna do have to upgrade your video card because that will be your bottleneck..
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I know I can overclock my cpu, if I wanted, but I don't want to risk it... anyways, I will buy a new GPU and a new video card soon enough.
It seems your system is not stable, you have all your drivers up to date?
Check your hardware. Pcsx2 itself can't cause random freezes to a computer. If there's hardware conflicting, it can and WILL do ugly things.

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