Playing with PCSX2 on TV
Hey guys, I've got a new problem ^^

Today I connected my 24 inch HD ready TV with my Computer, so that I can use my monitor and my TV for many things like watching Movies or playing with the PCSX2 ^^

With drag and drop I'm able to move my windows to the screen of my TV, the problem is now, that when I have the running game (In this case, naruto narutimate accel 2 ) on my TV it's starting to slow down or lag.
When I make the window of the PCSX2 smaller, then it becomes better.
Is there a way to use almost full screen on my TV without lags? A small window on this "big" TV is a little bit annoying ^^ can anyone help?

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buy a better tv? Tongue Seriously, HD TV lag is a well known problem, which is why games like Guitar Hero come with TV lag compensation.
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Milohiro: When you movie between displays d3d has to be reinitialized for the "new adapter" else it becomes that slow you experienced, one solution is to start playing on the second display, or try vista that does not have this problem as I noticed.
Didn't think it was that difficult to play on a tv.
play pcsx2 with windows stretched and not with fullscreen.
I've this problem with DX10 in gsdx, works well in fullscreen with DX9.
Oh, my tv is Hd ready and not full HD.
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I haven't got the problem anymore when I disable my monitor, so when just my TV is activated it works fine ^^
but isnt there any possibility to speed a game up a little bit more?
So what are you using? HDMI, or S-video? I'm curious.
only thing I hate about vista is I still need to run ultramon for good dual monitor support, I suggest you grab that program because alot of these emus run sketchy if both monitors are on, I always disable my second monitor (with a hotkey) then start the emulators or games, hope that helps
I have a DVI-->HDMI - cable

well that's what Im already doing, I'm switching between my displays with hotkeys now ^^
but there are still some games, which lag a little bit, isn't there a chance to speed them up? anyhow? I have 3 Ghz Dual Core : / shouldn't that be good enough to play many games without lags?
Yeah it should, but you need a good GPU, it its that integrated ***** you are *****.

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