Playstation 2 slowmotion problem
I searched at google , i know that it must answer all my questions , but so far i didnt found an answer about 1 problem that i have fixed allready , for some games , but for others not. When i dl the game God Of War 2 , the game run perfectly , menu options , starting clips etc was just perfect and when the game started , everythnig was on a slowmotion , then i go to config>speed hacks and did this:

[Image: 82921990.jpg]

and the game runs perfect now with 60 fp/s and its allmost psx2 like

[Image: 97134660.jpg]

Ok , that was very good , i fixed my slowmotion problem with the most important game for me , that i allmost buy psx2 for it (now i dont have to do it) , but there is also 1 more game that i really like to play , actually very often i played this game with my friend at his psx2 , the game is Tekken 5 , the game runs nearly perfect , cool dx10 graphic , no gliches , everyting on max .. BUT on slowmotion , games entrence videos are just fine , menu option and etc. but when the game starts , the fps go down to 30-40 fp/s

[Image: 47510373.jpg]

just like God Of War ,but in this case no speed hack had any effect, i downloaded like 10 diffrent psx2 emulators and plugins and i just cant fix this slowmotion , didnt find anything about this specific problem with this game anywhere or proper plugins , if someone heare knows what im talking about , pls pm me , or type in this tread a solution , suggestion or whatever , or if someone have proper emulator with proper plugins for this game , pls give me link to dl it , for the others reading this tread , pls dont spam.

edit: same thing happens with the game Mortal Kombat deadly alliance

[Image: 79905338.jpg]

my pc:
AMD phenom 9550 quad-core processor 2.20 ghz
Radeon Sapphire HD4850 1gb gddr3
3.5gb ram ddr2

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Quote:i dl the game God Of War 2

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