Please Help!
Please help me? I downloaded the PCSX2 or whatever...Now how do I play games? XD

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1) you posted in the wrong section... you should have done it in the general discussion.

the 1st thing you have to do is extract the bios from your ps2, here is how to do it and read ALL of it to solve all your questions
OS: Win 7 Ultimate x64 sp1, MoBo: Asus P5QD Turbo, CPU: Q6600 @ 3,0Ghz, RAM: Trancend 2x2gb 6-6-6-18 800 MHz, GPU: HD 4850 1gb.
Pcsx2: Always Latest
You will be directed to the guides.
If you don't feel like reading them, we don't feel like spoonfeeding it to you either.
You need to understand how this works anyway, there is no one click solution.

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