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I've just started using the PCSX2 not very long ago. I've watched many videos and read many forum posts on the configuration. I am running windows 7 84x Home with a Radeon 6850 HD video card 16 gigs of ram and an AMD Phenom 2.8 x6 core processor and some games still run stupidly slow. I've tried configuring things a million ways my EE% is always bewteen 98-100% while the others are down around 30-40% my FPS on Tekken Tag tournament was about 34fps and I got it up to around 70FPs and it still runs slow. What can I do??

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Which version that you use? Get the latest SVN in case you still use 0.98.

You can get it here :

Generally, I use this configurations for demanding games:
2x Native resolution with fxaa enabled (press Page Up to enable fxaa in-game)
MTVU hack (under speed hack)
VU cycle stealing (x1 or x2, lower it or don't use it at all if it is buggy)
Allow 8-bit texture
Async Mix (audio) ; in case the fps drops, the audio can at least stay close to normal speed
cpu: i5-2410m | gpu: Nvidia GT 555m 2GB | mem: 4 GB
Wow that new build that you recommended I download fixed almost all the problems. Only thing is my head is missing but that's a minor detail and probably can be tweaked by adjusting the settings. Thanks a lot
Missing? You mean like being...decapitated? lol. A screenshot would be nice if you could Smile

I am not sure about that, but there are a lot of discussions about characters' heads went funny (Tekken Tag) in the forums, just use forum search. Hopefully that helps.
cpu: i5-2410m | gpu: Nvidia GT 555m 2GB | mem: 4 GB

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