Please Help Me!!!!
I just can't load the games....
It keep saying that



each time I try to load.

When I open the program there are two program / parts not detected
Detected MMX
Detected SSE
Detected SSE2
Detected SSE3
Not Detected SSE3
Not Detected SSE4.1

What should I do.....
huhuhuhuhu.... Somebody please help me...

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pc specs, plugins config, game you're trying to play, screenshots, pcsx2 version ?
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Not giving much info to work with. What pcsx2 version and what plugins? SSE3 and SSE4.1 not detected just means your cpu does not support those instruction sets, so youll be stuck with SSE2, which does not make that much of a diffrence.
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So what exactly is the problem? Are games not working? Are there glitches? As I see on your log there, there isn't anything wrong.

rom2 and erom are parts of your bios that are dumped by the dumping program. They contain the data for the built in DVD player and therefore shouldn't cause any effect on PS2 games.
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Now it saying this....
What should I do....
Change your Sound plugin to ZeroSPU2 or set the SPU2-X Module to DirectSound/WaveOut as the message says.
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ok thats done....
now to the next problem...
the frame skip is to low just about 20%-25% only...

when I choose the directx10 the program will crash.
but when I choose directx9 the pixel 2.0 = frameskip 20%-25%
if directx9 pixel 3.0 = frameskip 10%-15% only.

so what should I do

computer spec:

AMD turion x2 dual core mobile rm-70 2.0 ghz
2gb ram
nvidia geforce 9100M G (how many mb i donno, my dxdiag show: 877MB)
windows 7 32-bit
(dxdiag show i'm using dx11)

You have a pretty weak graphics card, try checking the "native" option in GSdx.

Overall your computer will only let you run some games playable enough, what game are you trying to run?
Core i5 3570k -- Geforce GTX 670  --  Windows 7 x64
Gundam: gundam vs zeta gundam.

during the menu screen, it work at 100% frameskip. but during battle, it down to 20%. ahh man~

editted: why can't i use dx10 for my pcsx2? the game keep on crashing. hardware, software, or null. all crashed. i can only use dx9 for the game to run.
Your GPU is using your RAM. It doesn't have its own RAM, so it is a little slower than normal.

I have Gundam VS Zeta so I know that the game requires a lot of CPU power to run at playable speeds. At 2.5GHZ, my system can only manage 40-50FPS. I have to overclock it to 3.2+GHZ to get full speed. But since you're on a laptop, I don't recommend overclocking.
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