Please Help Me Prepare!
So basically im going to a relatives house who has an HP desktop
with: 3 (with another .3 i think? ) ghz cpu
3gb of ram
and a graphics card that should be okay like maybe 1gb video memory

So here's what I'm need help with I'm going to list some games and ask if, with configuration obviously, I can get these all to run at perfect speed.
I can only bring one game so please recommend one based on compatibility or preference Tongue

Kingdom Hearts 2
SMT: Nocturne
Disagea ( actually i can fit this on my small drive so it doesnt count as the one game)
.Hack//GU Vol.2 Reminisce Laugh

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kingdom hearts 2 would run the best
really? because FF12 ran the best on my crappy system and kh2 was one of the slowest
well kh2 ran the best on my system, it might be a different story for you
u have different hardware than i have
If the cpu is a core2 or an i-series processor, then .hack//G.U. (any volume) and Final Fantasy 12 should run okay @ 3 GHz at native res. Anything higher would be up to the GPU in the HP machine, and you might need to overclock the CPU a bit, say, to about 3.5 GHz, if the Dell's motherboard allows overclocking (usually they don't).

To be on the safe side, you might wanna take a known good working PC with you, if you can.
The safest way to travel with it in a car is to lay the PC Case flat, so that the CPU Heatsink/ fan is in the upright position.
That way, it won't over stress your mobo, and your VGA Card and ram slots won't have to fight gravity either.

Oh, and don't forget to remove any CDs or DVDs in your optical drive(s) beforehand. Wink
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well thanks for the help everyone! I appreciate it Smile

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