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Please Help - Memory Card Extraction!
Sorry I know it's been asked before but I have searched and still cannot do this!

Basically I have a completely standard PS2 Slimline with memory cards of 1000's of hours of gameplay that I want to import into PCSX2.

This is where I get stuck, I have googled and read literally 100s of posts on how to do it and my head is now a complete mess, can somebody please help with an idiots guide of how to extract data from a PS2 MC onto a usb drive (once I've got to that point the rest seems relatively straight forward!).

As said the PS2 is completely standard, no mods.

If possible links to exactly what I need to download would be most appreciated (I'm not interested in piracy at all, hopefully this isn't against forum rules).
Any help would be much appreciated!!!!!
Thanks, Tom.

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i believe there was a memorycard extractor as an accasory for the ps2, not sure tho, but on this way you could store the saves on the pc, i dont know anything yet that stores ps2 savedata on an usb, if there IS a program like that i would like to know as well Tongue
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Download Laplace suite, with this tool you can transfer every file of your ps2 on usb.
Very simple to use, but difficult to download :-)

This is the link for complete suite for ps2
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Thanks for the link, if I get stuck will give you a shout if you don't mind Smile Thanks!

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