Please Help, The Sims Bug "Interrupt Bit is Set!!!"
Alright well, as you can see i'm new here. Anyway, as I open the game "The Sims", it does not freeze, yet returns infinite amounts of the sentence "Interrupt Bit is Set!!!". Does anyone know any fixes for this? All help is GREATLY appreciated. Thanks.

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that looks to me like some kind of test thing a dev put that he/she wants reported. Smile (correct me if i'm wrong pcsx2 devs)
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NinjaMight just work on next guideNinja
Thanks for the reply but is there anyway to fix this?
1. It could be as Luis says, which would most likely mean the game is unplayable at the current moment.
2. You may have pirated the game, which will often cause it to act erratically.

Either way, why not just play the PC version of The Sims? It's far superior to the PS2 version.
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