Please Help me! Save games gone after quitting.

Hey all, I registered to this site just because I desperately needed help.
I am playing the FFXII IZJS (ENG Patch) on the emulator everything is great so far
excellent sound, video quality etc.

I saved my game at a savepoint yesterday and now the memory card says there is no
FFXII data. What should I do the only thing that seems intact was my savestate.

I don't know how to do this and I want to be able to save my game at a savepoint.


It wasn't doing this for other PS2 games I played Shadow Hearts, Clock Tower and MGS


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So you have working savestates and tried saving in-game several times but you never created a savegame that lasts till the next time you open pcsx2?

Saving did or did not work for other ps2 games?

well, if your save state works, then why dont you use the save states instead of the ingame save......

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^ because in-game saves are safer than save states.
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Well,I had the same problem with MGS3,just save in the game. Save States are much better for games with low space.
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No they're not. Try loading from your savestate and re-saving
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Save States are pretty horrible tbh. I'll take regular Saves anyday. If anything there's almost always a 'Save Anywhere' cheat code available too, to allow you to always Save. Wink
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You should check if wherever your memory cards are saved at if you have admin right to that folder. I had this issue when I did a actual install of 1.0 and I could
"save" the game without error but it actually didn't do anything. Even though, of course, I am the admin of my computer.

Also you should see if you mem cards are formatted.. Seems like a dumb thing to do considering it sees them to save, but SOMETIMES if you savestate or something during saving it corrupts you mem cards but doesn't give errors effectively freezing it in a bad state.
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