Please Send Help - SCP Problems
Hi good person, please help, I've been at this for hours. I decided to switch from Motionjoy to SCP, and simply put nothing has worked. I have followed the instructions posted here and here, including all the variations on troubleshooting, including:

Restarting the PC
Unplugging and plugging the DS3
Switching USB ports
Uninstalling SCP and reinstalling, forced and unforced, bluetooth and no bluetooth.
Running everything through elevated CMD prompt.
Giving C:\Programs(x86)\Scarlet Crush complete and unfettered priviliges.
Updating and reinstalling 360 drivers.

Currently the DS3 is connected via usb cable, and the LEDs are flashing in unison. There's no dongle plugged in, and no dongle drivers present.  SCP Server currently tells me this:

[Image: 11239647_10153476608660903_1953059493563...e=565954B8]

SCPService is a running process. Notably, SCP DS3 Service is not. Cannot find SCP DS3 Service. Elevated command prompt informs me it is however, already running.

In Device Manager under "USB" devices is "USB DS3 Device" attriuted to Scarlet.Crush Productions.

I am using SCPUser in Win32 and Lilypad button mapping to test functionality. In so far, no response. Lilypad is SCP version, installed as per instructions in first link.

I am using Win7 Professional 64bit. Motionjoy is uninstalled to the best of my ability. Cannot find a trace of the program remaining.

Thanks, please feel free to ask anything that might help. I rely heavily on this working, and cannot afford to purchase a 360 pad any time soon.


The directory looks like this. Anything missing? Odd?

[Image: 11800200_10153476619290903_5011029305122...e=563D6878]


[Image: 11825764_10153476629365903_5555367741569...e=56431D47]

Edit: Switching back to Motionjoy drivers with Better DS3 works still. Ruled out USB cable and DS3 issues.

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[Start] -> 'services.msc'
Does the service appear here as started?

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