Please any one help me PCSX2 0.9.6
I want to play an excellent gameBlink

I have a game : Naruto Ultimate Ninja 5 iso
But very slow,

I want the correct settings for the speed of sound and playTongue

My system :

Windows 7Ninja

intel® core™2 duo cpu e7500 @ 2.93GHz

RAM : 1.00 GB

System type : Operating system 32 BT

I want to answer as soon as " THANKSBiggrin


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What's you're graphics card? Integrated? If so, then you're graphics plugin needs to be set to software. Set sound using spu2 turn off the interpolation effect. Make sure you have MTGS turned on under the CPU config. Also, try using the latest beta 0.9.7(r1338). Try using speed hacks. But you're best bet to get the best performance is overclocking your cpu and buying a graphics card.
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ok ... Thank you friend for the clarification "
(10-02-2010, 06:38 PM)sanossy Wrote: My system :

Windows 7Ninja

RAM : 1.00 GB

Is that even possible? Ohmy
Hahaha. I didn't even see that! It would run incredibly slow. Uh yeah you should probably buy a few gigs of ram too brah.
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(10-03-2010, 12:10 AM)Zanoab Wrote: Is that even possible? Ohmy

In 32bit and removing the ram consuming crap in windows 7, yep very possible.
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1gb is minimum for 7, I believe. and shockingly it runs on 1gb just fine
I honestly don't see why people aren't trying to use PCSX2 0.9.7 r3113; it's a heck of a lot fasted than 0.9.6 ever was.
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I think it's because it's labeled BETA. When I first joined up and started playing I was using 0.9.6 because 0.9.7 was labeled a BETA so I assumed that it wouldn't work as well as the finished release.
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yea, I agree there, I started with the 0.9.2 stable when there was more advanced ones out there, did the same with 0.9.6 but reciently I've been going bleeding edge (and working to modify it, just ask rama about that one lol)

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