Please can u help me to configure 2 games?
My name is Alex and I am in need of your help.
Well i need to configure two games for the best performance.(using pcsx2)
The first is god of war
The second is final fantasy X
Well,I have gained some advice on how to use plugings etc but I got a problem with fps and i need some more speed.
Well here is my configuration(i am using a speed hack 1.5 cycle rate too)
(look at bottom of the thread)

If you can't i am using Gsdx 890(MSVC 15,00, SSE41) 0.1.14 for graphics(resolution 800x600 60hz,direct3d9(hardware),pixel shader 3) and spu2-x 1.1.0 for sound plugin.(for further information ask me)

I own a intel core duo cpu E8400 @3.00ghz with 2,00gb ram and windows xp.
My graphic card is a Nvidia Geforce 9500GT(I think i spelled it right! ) with 512mb ram.
Can u help me configure my system.I don't know much of these...Is there any chance that my system cannot run these games at normal speed?
Any help appreciated and thank you in advance for your kindness
I really like your forum it helps me much!
Well thanks again,

P.S.Sorry for my english,not my mother language.

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There are already threads to address this , especialy take a look in this thread:
I want to add:
- use the recently released pcsx2 0.9.6
- D3D internal res is very important , your graphics card is too weak for 1024x1024, you should use native. I played this game at 1024x1024 (sometimes 1100x1100) with the overclocked 4850 you see in my sig, and I still experienced some slowdowns, although on rare ocassions.
- Your CPU is good enough to play God of War somewhere around full speed.
- If you use Gsdx9 you will have a grey texture wall and you will be unable to go past certain areas in the game , so you can't finish it. Your graphics card supports dx10 and it is strongly recomended to upgrade to Vista or Windows 7 , if you are using XP.
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