Please fill me in
Which of these games are better compatible on my pc using pcsx2
i will rip the iso's off my kingdom hearts disk and my final fantasy x disk
im using the latest beta and plugins

my pc specs:

Windows vista Home premium x64
Ati radeon HD 3200 with dedicated card = 1.9gig
4 gigs of ram
Amd Athlon x2 Ql-64 2.10ghz

soo is kingdom hearts better or final fantasy x on my pc

or is everything fail and i should go eat my mcdonalds

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Both games are emulated pretty nice and fast on PCSX2. Using DX10 will give you some nice speed boosts, but don't expect miracles both your graphics card and processor are on the slow side for PCSX2
[Image: newsig.jpg]
lame =/

is ps2 emulation like different

cus i can play games like transformers revenge of the fallen at medium quality with like 50 fps
There is a huge difference between an emulated game, and a native run computer game. Emulated games of equal caliber will always take far more resources to run because of all the translation of code that has to be done.

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