Please help: FXAA and Anti-Aliasing hacks?
So, I go into the GSdx.ini and set UserHacks_AlphaHack=1, but when I go into Config>Plugin Settings, the Hack box is empty. I selected Direct3d11(Hardware). What can I do to change it?

Some other questions, which is a higher resolution, 6x Native scaling or 1920x1200?

In the GSdx.ini file, there is msaa=0. If I set that to 4, will that do the AA trick?

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6x scaling as it's really something like 3k X 3k. Also FXAA=1 or page up will do fxaa assuming you have a new enough build. MSAA is forcing MSAA which ios slower and theoritcally better but causes artifacts in some games.

And the hack box is empty cause it only shows with allowHacks=1.
Thank you much!
How do I use MSAA in game? I do not press page up I assume.
You enable hacks as dralor told you and check it in the GUI. It's pretty experimental though so expect bugs with it (crashes or whatever)
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