Please help My PCSX2 read my ISO
OK, so i know there are tons of threads about this already, and i read them in length, but i still cannot seem to find the issue with the emulator.

the situation: I get to the Sony menue and i can see two memory cards in the browser and no game.

information for my hero: i do not know how to mount the ISO, so do not ask if it is mounted. i have the emulator configured directly to the ISO file. the test in the configuration menue says that it fails test. and then the run cd/dvd causes the emulator to shutdown.

when i extracted the files and mapped the configuration to the .img file and the test says that it should run correctly. this is where is get no game once in the menue.

do i need to have the iso file in a specific location or named a specific name? thank you for your help.

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No specific names or locations are needed. What version of pcsx2 are you using and what CDVD plugin are you using?
So you have problems only with the ISO? the disc is working fine? how did you "configured directly to the iso" exactly? did you follow the configuration guide?
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version is 9.6. Just got it a few days ago.

plugins are as follows;

graphics = zerogs 0.97.1
controler = ssspsx pad pluginpressure mod 1.7.0
cdvdrom = linuz iso cdvd 0.8.0
usb = usbnull driver 0.5.0
sound = spu2-x 1.1.0
dev9 = dev9nulldriver 0.3.0
fire wire = fwnulldriver 0.4.0

i did my best to follow the configuration direction, but many of the options and plugins i do not understand. but those are what i ended up with.

how i configured the emulator the read the iso is i went into the emulator, used drop down menue to get into the configuration screen and changed the cdvd rom setting to linuz, then clicked configure and navigated to where my iso file was and selected it. the test button by the configure button says that the test has failed and that it might not work properly.

thank you both for taking the time to help me with this.
What program did you use to make your ISO?
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(07-21-2009, 03:04 AM)muddygoat Wrote: when i extracted the files and mapped the configuration to the .img file and the test says that it should run correctly. this is where is get no game once in the menue.

did you by any chance set your image path to the ioprp234.img inside the game folder and not to a proper iso image file of the complete game disc?
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I suspect the same thing that zero29 is thinking. Can you show us the full path and filename of your ISO file?
Eg: "C:\Backups\PS2\Final_Fantasy_X.iso"
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And I suspect your using CDVDNull plugin...?Smile
download imageburn from here

install.Place ur ps2 dvd into PC dvd-rom.
run imageburn>create image file from disk>select source(in which drive
ur dvd is in)>select destination path(where ur image of dvd will be stored)
file>read>thats it!. In setting u can control write speed.If ur ps2 dvd is not faulty,process will be completed.Now run pcsx2.exe>conf>conf>cd-dvd must be linuz>ok>conf>cd-dvd>select ur iso file u just created with imageburn.

Even it does not run.The one of the following things must happened
1.ur ps2 dvd is a fresh disk.
2.u did not make iso properly,try again.
3.u have downloadED a corrupted iso.DOWNLOADING ISO FROM INTERNET
4.ur pcsx2 files are a fresh copy.
It no longer matters. My wife watched my frustration over the last couple weeks and decided to gift me a new slim PS2. thank you all for your help though. It is nice people tht make the world go round. Peace.

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