Please help. Something went wrong...
Okay first day when i installed pcsx2 0.9.8 (r4600) i were playing all day with Dragon Ball Z: Budokai Tenkaichi 3 and nothing has happened.
I tryed to play with Dragonball z infinite world and it were runing well some lag in the movies but everything was ok with the gameplay.After some days i wanted to play again with one of them. I played about half an hour and suddenly the fps decreased and the gamplay were laggy very very laggy i had about 3-4 fps... i tryed to correct with the turbo in game when i pressed the tab button for turbo i had 120 fps from almost 60 fps so it worked well, but when my game become laggy and i got 3-4 fps it didn't work at all. Restarting my pc is solving my problem for some minutes but not for a long time..
Some info about my pc:
operation system : windows 7 ultimate (32 bit)
CPU: AMD Phenom II X4 945 (4CPUs), ~3.0GHz
here some info about my graphic card
My pc has 4gb ddr3(1300mhz) ram and my motherboard is asrock 770 extreme 3

Please help me. Thank you.

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Check the temperatures of your CPU using coretemp, I suspect your PC is overheating and starts throttling.
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@asdrocky there are various reasons for which this is happening....your cpu or gpu might be overheating or both...your disk might be highly fragmented if u are using an iso of the game. scratched....or your pcsx2 files have gone somewhat kaput..try reinstalling it ......check your cpu and gpu temp. When u get the slowdowns and report.....anything above 70 degrees is not gud
@bositman hey please don't think i cheated your words cuz at the time i was writing this u posted ur reply.......i hope u don't mind
Relax Xcalibur, its not unusual for multiple people to come to the same conclusion.
@squall i know but i faced a similar situation some time back in this forum.....i just don't want to offend anyone thats all....Smile besides u guys are regular forum just a newbie ya....anything might go wrong for me cuz people sometime take it in the wrong way even though i didn't mean those :|
It's okay for you to be scared of bosit. Infact we have a problem if you AREN'T scared of Bosit. We're all a little scared of him at times ;p
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Omfg how retard i can be xD when i got thish problem my first thing was check the CPU's tempeature and it was ok xd 50C° nope 50C° isn't ok now i know because i checked it again when i got the problem ad it was 80C° xd so i checked my CPU's cooler and it was covered in dust... i cleared it.. now in game my CPU's max tempeature is 32-33 c°

Thx for the advice and the help xD now i have other problem xD( i will have a meeting at morinig with my girlfriend and now i wana play all night... hmpf now i have to go sleep f*** //i don't want to lose her xD//)
@asdrocky u are welcome.......happy emulating!!!!!
@ref Tongue2 i know....
(10-18-2011, 11:21 PM)refraction Wrote: It's okay for you to be scared of bosit. Infact we have a problem if you AREN'T scared of Bosit. We're all a little scared of him at times ;p

I'm not scared, i just accept he could kill us all at any moment.

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