Please help my pcsx2 wont start up anymore
Hi guys I'm new to this forum concept as i never saw the needed the need to make one, so sorry if im not really good at this whole thing. Any way my problem is that i have been using pcsx2 0.98 for a good 4 months yet suddenly it just even wont start up anymore; in task manager it shows up for a sec then goes a way. I really need any suggestions thank a lot and srry again if im not any good at this whole forums thing and for my long post

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The first thing you should do is running a full scan. If you're looking for a freeware, use MSE.
To me it seems that something has changed in your system. First, make a backup of your memcards (if you want to) then delete, uninstall pcsx2 0.98 (don't forget to clean "My Documents" from pcsx2 stuff, if you have it installed). When that is done, download CCleaner and do a Cleaner and Registry scans. If that doesn't work then post a reply here and I'll do my best to help you.

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