Please help on Pcsx2 emulator 0.9.6 !!!
Id appreciate some help if possible on this. Basically i have spent hours and hours trying to get ps2 games working on this laptop, windows vista.
Anyway iv had many many problems and iv got through all the error messages etc and now i have the emulator working. It boots up the ps2 menu where it states browser and version. the problem is, when i press x to choose browser it will not choose it. i have all the controller plugins possible. my ps3 pad is being picked up, but it seems if i go back to the controller settings it has cleared away and dosnt remember my config for the, i press x for x and apply it. it is then blank when i go back.

Please can someone tell me why it is not either saving my config or why is it not picking up when i press x? i take it you choose browser to play the dvd in the drive? also, when i launch the ps2 it also says failed to load mcd002.ps2 when it is in the memcard folder.

Many thanks.

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Quote:Please can someone tell me why it is not either saving my config

right-click->run as admin on pcsx2.exe as stetd in the FAQ
CPU : AMD Ryzen 7 3800X
Mobo : Asus PRIME B450-PLUS
GPU : NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3070
RAM : 16 Go
ok great! Big step. had a few errors but iv got by them now and ps2 games seem to be loading up. but its very slow. tried a few different graphics plugins but theyre slower or dont work.
Please could someone suggest the best plugins to use so it runs faster or smoothly?

Many thanks.
or anything else i can doo???
you didn't post your computer specifications
Processor - 1.9 ghz
Graphics card - GeForceM G

graphics card GeForce8200M G
Your computer may not give you enough fps to get full speed, however try activating speedhacks they may help increasing the fps..
the fps at first loading the game Top angler is around 35fps and then when the game starts it goes down to 10.tried the other options of speeding the process of making an iso for broken sword 3 and running that instead of the dvd. if i could just make the sound rubbish and low res to make it run normal would be good.
i didnt try the speed hack though,il give it a go now.but any more tips would be appreciated.
man I am sorry to tell you that but it seems you won't get playable settings even with speedhacks...
10 fps is very tough to deal with, even with speedhacks I don't think they will help you much... maybe with all of them activated you might get only 15 fps, which is very choppy to start with Sad
i mean the results show up as i boot it stating 50fps after all this.but it wont load broken sword.

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