Please help with Shin Megami Tensei Digital Devil Saga 2
The games work fine but when it comes to the movie it stop. I can skip the movie even if it is stop.
Is there any solution for this problem. I want to paly it.Sad

My specs:
Vista ultimate 64 bit
Intel E6750 2.6 @ 3.0
Geforce 8800GTS OC edition
4 GB Ram

I use Pcsx2 rev 672.
Pcsx2 setting

Gsdx 896 SSE3 0.1.14 DirectX10
ZeroSPU2 0.4.6

Multi threaded GS mode (Enable)
EERec (Enable)
VU0rec (Enable)
VU1rec (Enable)

Speed hack
Use x2 Cycle Rate (Enable)
IOP x2 (Enable)
WaitCycles Sync Hack (Enable)

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For skip FMV/Movie try with search code for skip MPEG after you got a code, just enable it (enable patches option) and continue game with run excecute not run cdvd. I suggest you first to savestate near FMV/movie and continue to load savestate after your enable that code.
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