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Please recommend a GPU, controller
Or even a "humble" pad designed for PC, adaptations are a bit complicated and most of times involve messing with the USB drivers to achieve full functionality.

From those recommended to date I know the Logitech and it is good option indeed and the Onza (I think there is newer options from Razer also), these little beasts can work natively with Xbox, PSx and general purpose. The Logitech models can have the keys assigned to anything, even keystrokes, the only thing I know against them is a tendency to lose reliability on the sticks more quickly (still this may be outdated information).

PS: I mean if going to buy a controller, if already owning a PS3 or Xbox controller, that's another story.

Edit: to enforce the humble was not a typo.
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[Image: photo.php?fbid=319583031507076&set=pcb.3...=1&theater]

may not exceed the level I have a problem with rotation left stick, but I do not know how to set controls on the keyboard because I do not have here is the video navigator can be greater than this level watch? v = dbtQmX36MSo

please help winter God who does not know how to play Ancestors
how to make rotation

[Image: set1y.jpg]

I do not understand any of it especially if we can help you to make a control on your computer and save bindings and pass on to mediafare and Danel we link control for Cadastre rotation to the left of the keyboard

[Image: photo.php?fbid=319583014840411&set=pcb.3...=1&theater]

[img]I can not kill Medusa do not know how to do a rotation on the keyboard without a joystick to help me or give me an image control to the tuned[/img]

god of war 1 part link:
(06-09-2013, 03:51 PM)Saiki Wrote: I use a Logitech Rumblepad 2. Rumble doesn't work on Windows 8 though

edit: drivers are finally out, yay rumble is back Smile

I have this controller to and I like it. Though Rumble dont work in but then I using the defualt drivers for it. I never installed the drivers from logitech as I dont want the software just the drivers

GPU wise 450GTS 650GTS 660TI 670GTX they are all pretty much gona give you same performance in the emulator (Seeing all the games I played ran 60 fps, Short of the games that where CPU heavy)As for Actual PC games the not equal

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