Please suggest me a video card to get 60 fps in FF-X
I've got Core 2 Duo E7500 2.93GHz, 2 GB DDR2-667 RAM, and Windows 7 HP 32-bit.

My system is Dell Optiplex 745 (Desktop form) with 280 Watts power-supply unit. It has a PCI-Express 1.0a (x16) slot and I'm limited to low profile cards only. (with a riser i can have full-height but i don't want to buy a riser) I don't know how much power is available but the tech specs sheet at Dell says slot has 75 W power.

Please suggest me a video card. I was thinking of 9600GT Green Edition because it has a TDP of 59 Watts. Will I be able to get 60 fps in FF-X with it?

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of course not ( on native mabye ) i have 9400 gt ( about the same ) and its not that good
chose from ati 5*** they are well preforming with pcsx2
If you're limited to single slot, then any of the low-profile Radeon HD 5570's. If you have space for a dual-slot card, the MSI Radeon HD 5670 offers much better performance (around 9800GT level).

A 9400GT isn't anywhere near close to the 9600GT's performance. Depending on what type of RAM you have on your 9400GT, the 9600GT green can be anywhere from 2x-4x as fast.
I don't think any of what you suggested could work properly on a 280W (prolly crappy too) PSU
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(01-02-2011, 12:53 AM)Bositman Wrote: I don't think any of what you suggested could work properly on a 280W (prolly crappy too) PSU

Optiplex PSU's aren't crappy (at least the ones I've seen). Some of them are even high quality 80Plus Gold units. Since the OP's got a low profile case, I highly doubt he has a ton of parts crammed in there so 280W should be plenty. Heck, I've got a Core i5-760+GTS 450 running off off a 300W PSU and a Core i5-650+GT 430 that's being powered by a 150W PSU.
Um I believe a 9600 GT will be plenty for FFX... Believe it or not but my 8400M GT(A "lot" worse) plays the whole game at 1440x900 no fps loss. It can also do 1920x1080 however it only achieves max speed for about 75% of the game, heavy areas it drops to like 80% speed which for me is not playable.

For FFX I think that GPU will be good. Not sure what you were talking about the wattage so I may have missed something but 60W should be fair as the one I'm using here is only like 30 or 45W.

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