Pls Help on My Persona 3 FES and Persona 4
On Persona 4, when i was in class or house or some place that is small, it show normal speed. But during battle, like when i and 2 of my party member battle against 3 or 4 enemy, the game suddenly slow down to around 40fps below. And on P3 Fes, every time during battle there got always a slow down on every battle.

Is there have anyway i can do to stable-lice the game?

My computer spec are:
Intel Core 2 Quad Q6600 2.5Ghz
2 GB Ram
Windows XP 32-bits
Geforce 240 Zotac Amps Edition 512mb

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You need at least 3,5Ghz for personas to run flawlessly. Also quad core in pcsx2 means nothing. It only uses 2 cores so my E8[email protected] works better in this case although its weaker CPU.
Wait what? Which means that i need to change my CPU to run the game? Or is there a Plan B for this?
Ok i make a little adjustment, now on Persona 4, when me and my party member of 2 battle against 3 enemy or 4. It drops around 55fps to 48. I believe this is one part that i can still make it balance before i make any progress throughout the game. If not, i scare that once i max my party member and fight against more enemies.... stuff getting more and more worst.

Guys i really need help on this
Change the clamp modes of ee and vu to none, in the speedhacks section choose EE to 2 and vu to 1, check the first five box there and u should have a nice speed up, btw never try anything higher that x2 in resolution.
Try overclocking your CPU if you can, that would require some research and reading if you're new to such thing.
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(08-05-2011, 02:10 AM)MetallicA Wrote: Try overclocking your CPU if you can, that would require some research and reading if you're new to such thing.

Well.... i just tried overclock but....... well ..... i have no idea whether i am really overclock or not ==

and i think that last time the emulator runs ok... but now it gone from bad to worst.... man what did i do really wrong here ==
If you aren't running the game at native resolution, try it. Also, turn off anti-aliasing in the gdsx ini file if you've set it. Your video card only has 512MB of VRAM, and Persona 4 is a game that will easily use up more than 1GB when you set anti-aliasing and use a rendering resolution of 3x or 4x.

To make sure you've done an overclock properly, download CPU-Z and Prime95. Run Prime95 to stress the CPU to max and CPU-Z will show your speed in megaherz. Google a guide for your processor that explains how to do it through the BIOS rather than a program in Windows, but most will tell you to run a program like Prime95 for 12 to 24 hours. Often, you'll end up with a blue screen is you did it incorrectly, and this makes sure you've got a good overclock.

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