Pls help me with my baddest gpu of earth
I have intel hd 2000 gpu and i am only getting 30fps with full hacks... This gpu is not listed in compatibility list..guyz pls help me what to do know ...i am playing games such as shadow of colossus,gow 1 and 2,samckdown pain,wwe 11....
I want to play games at 1024*768 resolution
my othe specs
i3 2100 @ 3.1 ghz
4gb ram
dh61ww mobo
intel hd 2000..
If i buy amd hd 7750.... Then will i be able to play games in 4x or at least 2x upscaling

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well.. with a intel GPU custom resolutions won't really help you. You can use software mode, the i3 can do a better job than the igp. but you're only getting native with the cpu rendering the graphics
Better to play the game on native resolution. An i3 is ok for pcsx2. But if you upgrade your gc to an gtx650 or 670 . You will able to play your game in 720p
I think he'll be able to go much higher than 720p with a GTX650 or 670.

I have a GTX 560Ti and I play all my games at 1080p

With a 7750 you should be able to do 1024 x 768 or 2x - 3x native without problems I think.
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I can get 3x (with 48-50 FPS on MGS3. Mine's PAL-E) with a GT 520. it's not perfectly-stable at that resolution, but it doesn't drop more than 1-2 fps. and this GPU cost me only like $30

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