Plugin Load Failure
Im having a problem using the emulator, I have the bios but this plugin (GSsoftdx.dll) is not loading, and im not sure what to do. I did a quick search with that dll as the keyword but nothing came up. If anyone has encountered this and knows what to do, I would appreciate the help. Thanks much.

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That's a very old plugin that shouldn't work in the newer PCSX2 and it's not included in the download packages from here, why do you want to load it?
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I dont have a PS2 anymore, so I got a bios package from torrentz to try and run the program and that's what came up in the "console" when I was configuring it.
Not owning a PS2 makes it illegal for you to possess it's bios and would quilify you as a "pirate". Not allowed here...
That is true, which is why I am not expecting any help. I was going to say I didnt ask for any files or anything, so I wasnt in the wrong, but I re-read the rules and saw that referring to anything is wrong as well. So if no help can be given, even in a pm, no big deal I guess.
Yeah we are keeping a strict policy against warez here, mainly for our own protection.
Since you did mention you don't own a PS2 anymore we have no choice but to not give you further support here.
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