Plugin Suggestion "Cheat Plugin"
I appreciate the hard work that the coders do on plugins and would like to know if instead of having a enable cheats button, if they can make it a plugin that people can make emulated versions of the PS2 cheat programs that were available for the ps2.

A open source place to program your own cheat program would be ideal for the evolution of cheats in this emulator. As i remember when the PCSX for the PSone was made there was not very much functionality until a few coders replaced the Graphics plugin and made their own third party cheat plugin. Even then that was not a dedicated Cheat Plugin area in that Emulator it was just slapped onto the graphics plugin.

It may not sound like it would go anywhere but if you put it there and hope for the best, someone might say hey I'll make a plugin for the cheats. Instead of using a text file and system menu check box.

Oh and having a hex editor and stuff would help debugging a lot. At least that's what i would think.
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it would far easier to just add support for the ARMAX binary code list
(12-21-2011, 09:32 AM)Squall Leonhart Wrote: it would far easier to just add support for the ARMAX binary code list

Yes it would be easier, but I think having a hex editor similar to the way it was in the first game shark on the ps2 would be very fun.

Besides i'm not talking about making just one cheat plugin.

I'm talking about making it so people can code their own plugins weather it be ARmax or Gameshark. They can code their own plugin and since there is a open place to put a cheat plug in no one would have to actually work on one unless they want a cheat program.

going into config and selecting plugin selector and chose the cheat plugin you want and then editing that plugin in the config menu.
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Or. You could just install cheat engine. problem solved.
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I give up on cheat engine and go for Pnach hack. Surprisingly, insert codebreaker directly in PNach actually work.

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