Plugin issues and SDL2 API issues
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I run Manjaro Linux, and am trying to get PCSX2 to launch. However, I run into issues when trying to use either the 1.6 or the 1.7 version of PCSX2.

PCSX 1.6 issue

What I first tried is install PCSX2 through Lutris. This downloads and installs PCSX version 1.6.0. On first launch I step through the configuration wizard; I set my locale and am asked to confirm my plugins. However, there is nothing autoselected for the SPU2 plugin. is definitely in my plugins directory under $HOME/.local/share/lutris/runners/pcsx2/plugins/ (where Lutris installs PCSX2 to) however, so it's just not recognised.

PCSX 1.7 issue

As hard as I tried I couldn't get this to work, so I resorted to instead installing it through the Manjaro community repositories. This is the 1.7.2277-1 version.

On first launch, this version's configuration wizard sets my locale and asks me for my BIOS. I load it up, and PCSX2 launches, and it allows me to load up ROMs and play games. However, when I play a game the X and circle buttons are swapped, and the triangle and square buttons are swapped. To fix this I would need to get into the plugin settings, but it seems that the 1.7 version of PCSX2 has done away with the plugin system, and I can't find a way of doing that.

I've also tried to change my global SDL2 mappings to swap the buttons on the controller, but PCSX2 doesn't appear to conform to the SDL2 game controller API.

So, then, the 1.6 version won't work for me because a plugin isn't recognised. The 1.7 version will work for me but it doesn't allow me to change things since it doesn't have a plugin system.
I get much further with the 1.7 version, however this doesn't allow me to change my gamepad mappings.

Any help would be greatly appreciated; I've been stuck on this for days!

(Note that technically this is two different issues, I guess it'd be more preferable to get the 1.7 version of PCSX2 working, since it is the latest and all.)

Thank you  Biggrin

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