Plugin not being listed
I'm new to this and I'm fiddling around and trying out different plug-ins. I read that P.E.Op.S spu2 might work better for some games so I downloaded, put the dll into the plug-ins folder, but it's not being listed in the dropdown menu. I'm using the 0.9.7 beta version.

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erase the .ini files and start pcsx2 again.

it should re-detect the plugins
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That doesn't seem to have worked, unfortunately, but thanks for the fast reply. Do I have to delete all the .ini files, even the ones to do with the pad and the gs?
Quote:I read that P.E.Op.S spu2 might work better for some games
That's definitively not the case any more, use SPU2-X for precision or ZeroSPU2 for speed, but SPU2-X should do better than anything else really.
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Maybe you got an older P.E.Op.S that isnt compatible with pcsx2 anymore but it should have show you an error in the console, the PCSX2 0.9.6 binary package comes with a P.E.Op.S that should work fine but as Bositman said it's no longer recommended at all.
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Thanks for the heads up. I guess I won't bother with P.E.Op.S then.
When you click "Choose Plugin/BIOS", the console should list it loading all the plugins, any plugin that errors when loading should be reported in console. For ex. ZeroPad.dll
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