Plugin output to console

I was just playing with the USBqemu plugin and i noticed that it doenst output anything to the console when i use a printf statement in the latest version of pcsx2.

However it does work when i use an older version.

Can anyone one tell me why this happens and if there's a workaround?

Currently i'm printing to a file but it would be faster just to look at the console.


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Oh, I was wondering the same long ago and just went the file logging way too. *subscribes to thread*
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This usually happens when mixing plugins and pcsx2.exe compiled with different versions of Visual Studio.
Recompile everything with one version and make sure you use the right plugins.
Makes sense.

TODO: Find out how to printf to that console anyway. Cuz it seems easier than recompiling. =P
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Something to do with some standard libraries where printf is located Tongue2
Yeah i tried recompiling pcsx2 and it worked xD

On the other hand the plugin stoped working lol guess i will stay with the file logging Tongue
This seemed like a good article about this, but I'm too sleepy and hungry to properly read it. So here it goes. Tongue

Fighting the MSVCRT.DLL hell
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