Plugin support for burnout dominator.
Need plugin support for burnout dominator or at least the best plugins for running the game smoothly. Now my pc can run just about anything ran Crysis 2 and Deus-Ex without breaking a sweat but run dominator and it work fine up until the level starts then FPS sinks like a stone. so asking if dominator is even compatible with pcsx2 or if there are some special plugins that will allow me to play.

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if it gets in-game and you can control the game then its compatible with pcsx2, if you get slow fps try checking native mode in the gsdx plugin, and some of the speedhacks, If you have a quad core you can try the MTVU speed hack found in the svn builds (Main website under the svn section)

if it's still slow then your pc isn't fast enough, what are your computer specs?

btw pcsx2 requires a much more powerful pc then what crysis 2 or dues ex needs since pcsx2 can fully utilize the CPU and GPU at the same time, where pc games usually favor one or the other, pcsx2 has to emulate all the components of the ps2 so this requires a fast CPU above anything else, Intel processors work the best since pcsx2 can take advantage of the extra instruction sets (sse2,3,4,avx) typically these instruction sets aren't found on a lot of the AMD counterparts.

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