Plugin update galore
It's summer vacations for most of us and as you've seen PCSX2 development has been pretty slow these days!
But,some great plugins for PCSX2 have recently got updated and are worth mentioning:

Gsdx 0.1.9: Gabest releases yet another version of his fast DX9 / DX10 GS plugin improving speed and compatibility.You can get it from our downloads page

Lilypad 0.9.4: Chickenliver keeps updating this pad plugin with constant bug fixes and features,so be sure to check it out.Also in our downloads

Gigaherz's cdvd plugin v0.7 WIP 3: A new CDVD plugin by Gigaherz which is in very early stages but making progress.You can download it and give it a try in this thread here

Edit: New DEV9 (HDD) plugin by NHerve released! It is also in early stages (first release) but it's a big breakthrough since it is the first working DEV9 plugin! You can check it out here: MegaDev9

That's it for now,I'll try to keep updating the download section with the new releases.
Enjoy your summer vacations people Smile
[Image: newsig.jpg]

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Great i think il go check some of those out.
dude---- chech the dates....
Chicken is not Vegan?


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