Plugins NULL?
Everytime I open PCSX2 I'm told I need to configure. When I test the parts of the config, it tells me everything will work fine. When I press OK I get an error that says

Cannot load GS plugin 'plugins' NULL

But I have the zerogs.dll in the plugins folder....

I'm totally brand new to this and I've been unable to find the information to help me. My pc is brand new 8GB Ram, Nvidia video card...i'm starting to think I can't run this because i have the Vista 64 OS

Can someone help me out? Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

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what is your Pc Specs?
[Image: devilmaycry4wallpaper09.png]
Intel Core 2 Quad 2.34GHZ
64 Bit Operating System (Win Vista)
Nvidia Geforce GT120 Video Card

Does that cover everything?
Ok so I found some info using search and i've gotten past the problem above now i have the can't open/initialize error.

But I am opening the program as an admin
I have downloaded the latest directx

Any suggestions? Please let me know if I'm not providing enough info.
GSDX (SSE2ver)
GSDX (SSE3ver)
and select CONFGUR
Resolution was set to 1024 & 1024
Change it to 512 & 512
Press ok. -) save setings -) Exit from emulator.
then open emulator again File-) run cd/dvd or run-) excute as us wish run excute for iso ok.
if window show a mesg. SEND REPORT or DONT SEND then sel. DONT SEND emu will exit automaticaly again Start the emulator at this time the emulator will conf autmatic. FILE-) Run CD/DVD
If it shows cannload PLUGINGs then go to then click on DOWNLOADS then download PCSX2 WINDOWS BINARY.

But remember that u must have BIOs of this emulator to play games the site not provide bios because it ilLEgAl ok.. if u want bios then the site master said dump the bios from ur own ps2 at ur own risk.
bt if we hav ps2 then why we use pcsx2 on?? to play games slowly and full of bugs....

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