Plugins for God of War 2
Im havin some issues with GOW 2 on pcsx2.
Im having this weird crosseyed image and when I actually play in gameplay some parts of the geometry are green and it is unplayable...
Im using pcsx 0.9.7 beta with the default plugins.
so may you please specify the things that I should do in order to get it playable and without any weird bugs..

my specs are:
Core tu due 2 E6750
Nvidia 9800GT 512Mb

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Use 0.9.7 beta and the plugins it includes
[Image: newsig.jpg]
I did, and it didnt even open the game..
it says something about bad allocating. I dont even know what that means.. and I did used the plugins that came with the pcsx2
You have to be more specific. Are you running an ISO or a disc? How are you trying to run the game with 0.9.7?
[Image: newsig.jpg]
never mind, my noobness has taken over for couple of hours but im ok now Smile
fixed it

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