Plzzzz!! help me!!
Hi .. First I'm new here. and I never didn't try run PCsx2 ago .
and Now I want to run "God of war " and I have downloaded it,, u can see it here http:snip!
but Plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

give me an instruction for how to run, it I said u Plllllz!!!

u can load it and try to see it works!! or its a fake file .

and I've seen a lot of videos clips, which gives information on how to run PCsx2

But without the benefit I did not learn anything about how to run it

and I tried a lot .. no benefit ,

and I also read the Manual .. no benefit

look at the picture

those are when I begin run the PCsx2 .. shows me an errors =_=!!

and i downloaded " Bios " and "Plugin" files!!

and do many of thing which give possibilities to run it!!

but never don't see the change. lock at the pictures

every thing have errors!!

Always when I start pcsx2 what appears PCSX need to configure after

that when i configure a have this message:Could Not load GS plugins":<NULL> OK
And when i run cd i have this problem:Failed to load MemoryCard from file:memorycards\Mcd001.ps2 after memory card2 and This problem :_cdvdOpenNVM:Error creating bios\PS2 Bios 30004R V6 Pal.NVM
Something wrong or?

and many of erorrs Sad

plz help Mellow Sad

Kinds Regards

waiting u

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