Pnach/Codebraker ISO
hey there guys i digged alot of threads and can't find any solution -.- so 1st is there any way to update code braker database cause it always say something that i doesnt have connection.Im stuck at Xenosaga 3 Valkyrie Profile 2 Silmeria and Grandia 3 and ofc <3 FF12.Grandia 3 is easy so i don't need any cheats Laugh im really having a problem with few of them.Since i have no freaking idea how to create pnach files or edit code braker database (tried but seems like it's not working ''can't even name cheat'')is there anyone who might create few codes for those games for me or at least make an EASY guide how to add codes converting codes to pnach file is kinda hard for me :/ so the only easy way would be code braker .Anyway i can upload some screens or anything that might help out with my request so if there is anyone kind to help i would be apreciated .Codes i need VP2 (all items/or max)nothing more FF12(all items/or max)(Xenosaga all items/or max) im waiting for reply thanks regards Alicia.Rolleyes

p.s or at least tell me where can i find saves with max/all items and how to edit them via pcsx2 console lol

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For FF12 just use rich FFXII save game / memory editor which can work as a trainer, just open PCSX2 process from it while running the game and you'll be able to edit pretty much everything that can be edited.

For other games just search through this thread with google, I mean just paste that:
site: keyword
into google, ofc replacing the keyword with the game name;].

If there's no result, you can request a cheat there in that thread, but you have to post your game version(usually it's enough if you say that you have us, eu or jp version, but some countries like to have their own releases), we cannot read minds and codes work only on the game version they were created for.

If you want to learn how to use pnach files, the best/simplest guide ever is in PCSX2CE thread which itself does most work for you formatting the cheats and even creating the pnach file itself once you fill some info. Using omniconvert and PCSX2CE you can convert most existing cheats easily and fast. just follow the instructions there.

Valkyrie Profile 2 has some anti cheating system and most of the codes for it will crash the game sooner or later, soo you would better pass it without cheating, it's easy anyway.
Thanks alot for those infos ill try them right now so is there any program wich would check my game version? when i usually run games it says NTSC but let me upload few screens. 1st one Xenosaga,Valkyrie Profile,Final Fantasy [Image: xenosaga.jpg][Image: valkyrieay.jpg][Image: ff12e.jpg] I would really apreciate very badly at least 1 VP cheat for exp or items part when party get back to Dipan trough mines really makes me sick >.>

Well i tried Omnicovent and PCSX2CE and im like O.O! idk where to find CRC code well i found 1 for VP but it keeps sayin can't find valid crc code :/ im so blonde with those programs >.< im really having problems to use those programs...I just want code for 99 items in Pnach file cause IDK how to create one please! <3
All of the games are the USA version(NTSC)
Inside the disk/image you'll find a file with name that look like this
If it start with:
SLES,SCES – PAL Europe(if your game is PAL,it won't be bad idea to post the full name because some games have more that one PAL version)
SLKA - Korea

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