Pnach Corrupting a Save
Can someone help me figure out why I attempt to load a save with cheats enabled it corrupts a save that I already have please? 

This is for Final Fantasy XII NTSC (U). I got the .pnach from the forums. The first page of the post your cheats page. 

Region: NTSC (U)
Comments: Check inside patch, remove // to enable
Author: Jlagreen

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FF12 detects cheats. Start the game without them. Load your game, pause emulation, enable them and then continue emulation. Cheats will load passed the save load.
Damn phone.. Multiposting..

If your save says "Corrupted" reset and disable the patch then hit esc and enable it then. THEN hit execute and contine normally (this happens with Final Fantasy 12, so I thought I should point this out. I removed this game from the tutorial, but I leave this warning intact)

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