Pnach Issues Dragon Quest VIII
Okay so I for the life of me cannot figure out why I can't get these cheats to work for my DQ8 game. I have the cheats enabled checked and my pnach file in the C:\Users\Sisho\Documents\PCSX2\cheats folder. I had to create this folder but there was already a folder called cheats_ws which I also put the pnach file in just to be safe. Below is exactly what I have in the Pnach file and I've tried several different variations on the game ID like just using SLUS_21207 but nothing seems to work. It's probably something stupid I've overlooked but maybe someone can tell me what's wrong with it. When I load the game it says there are 0 cheats enabled and I even entered and won a battle just to double check and they are indeed not working. Lost a ton of progress due to a lovely computer freeze and I'm just trying to get it back quickly as I can hopefully without cheating too much.

gametitle=Dragon Quest VIII: The Journey of the cursed King (U) [SLUS_212.07] [F4715852]
//x8 Exp
//No decrease in money

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Yup it was indeed just something stupid. Everything is working fine I was just putting it in the documents\PCSX2 folder area but my actual root directory for my install was in the programsx86 folder....herp.

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