Pnach modification help
Running the PAL version of the FFX I came across the following pnach code...

//AP Gained x100

The code works absolutely fine, however I am wondering if it is possible to modify the amount of AP awarded to a different (and in this case smaller) value. To be honest Idon'tt really know to begin. However through a few tentative exploits I found that changing the second value (00000001) produced no effect (the code still works). Changing the first code (00317332) caused the code to stop producing any effect at all (I tried changing the value to 00317331 and 00317333).

Thanks in advance

.rar   A39517AB v2.50.rar (Size: 3,52 KB / Downloads: 168)

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I may be wrong, but the first value is the address and the second value is the value of the address. You need to modify the Second Value in order to see any effects.

Also are you sure that the code is working because the code is currently disabled.
[Image: recodersignature2.png]
attach, or link the patch please?
I inset the double back slash (//) do disable the code when I am not using it
I found the code as part of a compilation which I have now attached

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