Pnach problems
I'm getting these in the console when i play and my cheat doesn't work

Game: Bakugan Battle Brawlers
Codes: Action Replay (converted with omniconverter, ARMax > Raw) (i also tried converting as action replay 1 and 2 in case i got the input wrong, with replay 1 i got this error instead and the cheat also didn't work EE: Unrecognized COP0 op 4020001f )

The log and the pnach are on attachments

I managed to make it work a year ago, but this time it's not and idk why (i beg for help i've been trying everything for 2 days)

Attached Files
.txt   log.txt (Size: 9,07 KB / Downloads: 96)
.pnach   4A8475A8.pnach (Size: 354 bytes / Downloads: 134)

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