Pnach to "skip" DNAS authentication?
So I found a pnach file for Everquest Online Adventures PAL (CRC 555019B2) that can supposedly skip through the DNAS authentication, but I don't own the PAL copy of the game to test it. I tried to apply the pnach for the NTSC version of the game and the Frontiers expansion but it did not work with either. I have heard Sony plans to shut down the DNAS servers in March of next year and being able to skip the DNAS check would be super helpful in our attempt to emulate a server for the game. The link below is to the pnach I found.

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Possibly one can find a way to convert that pnach to ntsc. To do so please find some random but the same cheat for both regions, ntsc and pal, if necessary convert them to raw using omniconvert and post them here. Money or health cheats are often suitable choices.
If you are certain that this patch works for PAL version I think I can easily make a similar patch for NTSC version. Shouldn't take more than 5 minutes. I will attach the pnach file here after having Dinner.  Biggrin
This should do it. Also it seems the PAL patch is slightly wrong and needs correction.

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On second thoughts, it may not work because I just realized the patch file you uploaded is most probably for the frontiers version.
I was hoping you'd be the one to respond to this thread, thank you so much! Do you think I can just copy the CRC over for this to work for Frontiers as well? That is the disc we have been using for most of our testing as it contains everything from the base game plus more. And seriously I can't express how much I appreciate this!!

Edit: The patch works for the vanilla version of the game, I just tested it.
So I appended the correct CRC for Frontiers (EEEE1FCC) and it causes the game to stall at the first load screen.
Well so I never realized this but the vanilla EQOA game did not have a DNAS authentication before downloading patch files like EQOA: Frontiers does...
Im still interested if it is possible to make a pnach for Frontiers that will pass the authentication... I have a DNAS patched ISO for Frontiers and can save pcaps of a successful authentication and before/after savestates if you think it is possible to make such a pnach.
Hey here is the elf file for EQOA: Frontiers if you are still interested in helping. The original NTSC version of the game does not have the DNAS authentication check in it, but I am fairly certain that the original PAL version does as it was released almost a year after the NTSC version and only a month before the Frontiers expansion was released. They never made Frontiers for PAL as not many people played on the European servers.
So a few of us have been messing around with the new debugger and found a breakpoint that freezes the game right at the beginning of the DNAS process. When going through the process it gives you updates on what part it is on... Initializing, Connecting, Authenticating and Done. Setting a breakpoint at address 0019BE00 freezes it right at Initializing. From here I'm not really sure what to do... I have been able to force the game into an endless Initializing loop with a cheat, but nothing useful lol. If anyone with knowledge of MIPS would be willing to help I would appreciate it A TON!

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