Pokopom - KrossX's Pad Plugin
Pokopom XInput Pad Plugin

An open source XInput input plugin for PSX emulators, PCSX2, nullDC 1.0.4, Chankast 0.25 and many N64 emulators.

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NOTE: New builds require updated VS2012 runtimes. Get them HERE, the x86 ones.

  • Emulates a DualShock and DualShock2 for PSX and PS2 emus respectively.
  • Dreamcast controller plus rumble and NAOMI input for nullDC.
  • N64 controller for N64 emulators with rumble and mempak.
  • There's some support to use a X360 guitar as a PS2 guitar.
  • Extended analog range on edges, for games like Ape Escape.
  • Supports rumble with a nice custom curve: Rumble Curve Graph.
  • Scroll Lock key as analog LED. Guide button as Analog Toggle, and also Keys 1 to 4 for pad1 to 4 respectively.
  • Pseudo "pressure" for a smooth transition between off and fully pressed. Real pressure support for DS3 controllers using Scarlet.Crush's Wrapper.
  • Multitap support for PS1 and PCSX2.

Yay! Now it has a thread. It also compiles on Ubuntu (build-essentials and libx11-dev) but without any GUI, just an ini file for settings. But it works, with rumble and all. Biggrin

(04-07-2013, 06:31 AM)KrossX Wrote: Monster Hunter build! Tongue

If you hold L1, the right stick becomes dpad (so as to become a camera stick for once) and the face buttons become the right stick for attacking.

Attached Files
.zip   Pokopom r130 - Ubuntu Precise - 32+64.zip (Size: 52,43 KB / Downloads: 10.795)
.zip   Pokopom r124.zip (Size: 47 KB / Downloads: 14.859)
.zip   padtest (ELF).zip (Size: 71,41 KB / Downloads: 3.433)
.zip   padPokopom_MonsterHunter.zip (Size: 46,2 KB / Downloads: 2.256)
.zip   Pokopom v2.1-4.zip (Size: 47,42 KB / Downloads: 9.237)
.zip   Pokopom v2.1-22.zip (Size: 57,78 KB / Downloads: 7.855)
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Lol never heard about it before, I guess that's a welcome to "5 stars" for you mr Plugin DevWink?

Surely gonna try it after I find my pad(week worth boxes to unpack;c), looks very nice and simple.

Edit: Finally tested, works as great as lilypad with the exception that it has 0 stuff to configure.:] Great plugin for anyone that didn't set all keys to lily yet;P and have xinput pad(s). Worked fine with my logitech.
Oh oh, didn't know it work for nullDC. oO

By the way, I've always wondered, where'd you get the inspiration for the name? Tongue
@miseru99: 5 stars? O.o And yeah, it was meant to be simple so unless you need some custom settings, just select it and it's good to go.

@naoan: Yup, later I started adding support to whatever I could find. XD

I tried to add support for older nullDC's too but all I could accomplish was to make it show up... then crash on start.

As for the name, it just ended up like that after messing with the initial thought of "Rokko" ... because I had just seen an old episode of Rocko's Modern Life on YouTube. Later I realized it sounds like Pom Poko, a nice Ghibli movie.
[Image: nbKSK.jpg]
By saying stars I ment the forum priviledge/recognition, different nick color and additional stars.^_^

KrossX in orange might be good.

Anyway, nice plugin, couldn't give more comments though until I got a hold of a game controller. Biggrin
Stickied and made KrossX plugin author Smile Will add it to our downloads on the website when I get time
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Orange! Ohmy

It feels weird.
[Image: nbKSK.jpg]
cool got to do some testing !

can you please attach the latest Version here because for me downloading from Google code is *********
What's so bad about it? O.o

Anyhow, I'll attach it but how about this link? Pokopom r89
[Image: nbKSK.jpg]

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