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Pokopom - KrossX's Pad Plugin
still doesn't work, BUT, what i noticed is that in games that don't use pressure sensitivity it works
like in DMC3
in mgs3 it doesn't

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Weird, I have no clue what could trigger the driver like that. I don't see anything odd from the API usage, but I'll see what I can rewrite. Other than that, I still think the driver shouldn't freak out but just return the proper value with the API call.
[Image: nbKSK.jpg]
Any plans of adding a sensitivity slider for the analogue stick in this plugin?

It seems like in terms of N64 emulation Xbox 360/One gamepad users only have this plugin and the N-Rage input plugin to choose between (xinput plugins; directplay is buggy with wireless xbox gamepads and not suitable). They are both great plugins, but playing games like GoldenEye in Project 64 with either of them is a lost cause, since the sensitivity is way to high to make the shots appear anything else than random. I thought this plugin had a sensitivity slider for the analogue sticks, but it turned out to be something called Linearity.

I tried adjusting the Linearity slider back and forth, but I did not notice any improvements playing FPS games in Project 64. Thereby, grouping up with friends in the couch with GoldenEye (running in Project 64) in front of the TV /w Xbox One gamepads is as of now not possible. I tried that one day, and it wasn't a pretty sight when the crosshair flew from one end of the screen to the other with just tiny movements on the analogue sticks.
Well, that's what linearity is supposed to do and I do remember playing DOOM64 using it. I don't remember which value in particular though.

Linearity doesn't reduce the max value though, just curves the values inbetween. You could have some fine aiming near the center of the stick while still being able to turn fast at the edge.
[Image: nbKSK.jpg]
In some games that requires aiming the sensitivity seems fine enough, but the overall sensitivity values seems to be hard-coded into each and every game. If the max value is insanely high by playing a N64 rom with a gamepad not originally designed to play N64 games (like the Xbox 360/One gamepads), the outcome of the analogue sensitivity values may not appear as intended compared to playing the game on the original console itself.

If you look at plugins such as this one (directinput, not glad in multiple wireless xinput devices), there's both a section for Sensitivity and Speed Modifiers. The plugin as listed above I suppose is more designed for customization and for one system only, while your input plugin may have more of a minimalistic approach that's supported by multiple emulated systems.

I would personally love having a separate slider for the max/min value of the sensitivity in general, because of the games with in my opinion insane hard-coded max values that does not fit while using Xbox 360/One gamepads as control devices.
Hey, still having an issue with this i have the VS2012 runtimes installed already when i launch the emulator with the steam controller up it does not detect the controller i tried a complete uninstall and reinstall of the controller as well still no fix any thoughts on what it could be?

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