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Pokopom - KrossX's Pad Plugin
it's a long story that you don't want to listen to Tongue

thanks i will test it now Smile

however please make it a part of the thread and update it regularly !

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I'll try...
[Image: nbKSK.jpg]
pokopom? i smell a ghibli fan ;p

anyhow, gratz on the new plugin and status! Smile
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New version, attached on first post too.

I like the new analog to digital thing. The 8 ways are almost evenly distributed and it's easier to do quick taps with the stick.

(08-28-2012, 01:25 AM)refraction Wrote: pokopom? i smell a ghibli fan ;p

anyhow, gratz on the new plugin and status! Smile

Now way! And thanks. Laugh
[Image: nbKSK.jpg]
Added on plugins in our website Smile Tell me if you want something in the description changed
[Image: newsig.jpg]
Thanks! Laugh

I would only add right below the pseudo pressure thing, that DS3 controllers have proper pressure support when using Scarlet.Crush's XInput Wrapper.

#EDIT: Also, I wouldn't say it's suggested for DS3 controllers but it's for X360 controllers only. =S
Other controllers might work if they get XInput support somehow, like the DS2/3 controllers using that Wrapper.
[Image: nbKSK.jpg]
K adding it
[Image: newsig.jpg]
New version, attached to first post too.

Finally fixed a bug that caused multiple controllers to vibrate together.

#EDIT: Also attached the old Linux build, for Ubuntu Precise. For those who dare try things.
[Image: nbKSK.jpg]
I love Pokopom!
Yay! Laugh

#New Version! r106

Now the Guide/Home button is the Analog Toggle, previously the keyboard keys 1 to 4 were used. Thanks to x360's tapcio for the info.

Not much of a use on PS2 though as the mode is usually auto set to analog and locked.
[Image: nbKSK.jpg]

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