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Pokopom - KrossX's Pad Plugin
Logitech F710 in Xinput mode... and I don't think I'm pressing 0, but I'll keep a look out for it in the future♪

It's only happened about 7 times so far in the past 3 weeks, though it's still a nuisance. Might have been that "above priority" revision, maybe?

Remember around revision 20, I told you about that deadzone thing in Shadow Hearts, and you assumed it was my controller? Yet through many revisions, you fixed it sooooo... you never know. Could be the slightest thing. I know for a fact it's not my controller.

I still appreciate all the effort you put into Pokopom. Coding sounds so difficult.

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Should be native Xinput-ness then. On that issue, it was a controller "issue" though (not behaving exactly like my X360 one), then I didn't notice the workaround was commited when it got fixed. XD

For this one, it's weird. Cuz even if the controller was to be unplugged, it would be rechecked very often. That's why it allows to even replug it. If it happens again, see if you can reproduce it.
[Image: nbKSK.jpg]
Actually, I think you're right!
The 0 seems to reproduce the issue perfectly.

Do you know if you could do a favor and turn off the 0 hotkey in the next revision?

I bet lots of PCSX2 users multi-task (like, surfing the internet, Skyping friends, etc) so any interfering hotkeys are probably a bad idea.

Imagine being stuck in a game like 10,000 Bullets or 007: James Bond, so you search up walkthroughs online and whoops - you accidentally changed Pokopom ports.

It also doesn't help that I sign into the PCSX2 forums a lot while playing PCSX2, my username contains 0 in it, as well as most of my passwords. Tongue2
lol, I didn't notice the zero on the nick. Makes total sense now. I didn't consider even consider it since I use the remember username/password, cuz I'm lazy.

For now, you can just use Pokopom r107 that doesn't have the feature.
[Image: nbKSK.jpg]
Okies, thanks a bunch.
There, now the swap-ports feature can be toggled and is disabled by default.
[Image: nbKSK.jpg]
I've been using the latest version of Pokopom, everything's been flawless. Smile
Imo, it should really be included with the plugins in the newest PCSX2 builds. You deserve it for all the hard work.

One quick question: is it possible to include a setting that swaps the O and X buttons?
Maybe a checkbox - something that you can easily tick on/off.

The reason being: Lots of Japanese games have the O and X buttons different, for example, I'm about to play Kingdom Hearts 2 Final Mix.
I'm used to the American version, where X = attack and O = jump, whereas the Final Mix has X = jump and O = attack.
I also wonder what it would be like to play Xenosaga with a more familiar style, but I don't want to have to use Lilypad every time I want do it.

If you could do this, I'd really appreciate and Pokopom would be totally perfect.
I think I wanted to add that some many months ago. I'll try to squish a place in the GUI.

#EDIT: Done, and there's room for one more checkbox on the controller tab. XD
[Image: nbKSK.jpg]
Awesome. :3
It feels so much more natural to my hands now.
Thanks a bunch, you're amazing. *reps*
I am having an issue with pcsx2 saying that the plugin isn't a valid dll, I redownloaded it 5 times.. any idea?
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