Polar Express compatibility with PCSX2

I am having trouble getting the Polar Express to play on PCSX2.

When I first start with PCSX2, it crashes, though I sometimes get around this by doing a 'full boot' rather than a fast boot (it works sometimes, sometimes not). After a few attempts, it started to load more reliably.

When the Polar Express does start, it works beautifully through the starting video, the main menu, user registration and then the first scene on board the train.

When it changes scenes--to the point where a toy has taken the children's tickets, the sound and graphics quality falls dramatically. Characters are blocky and you can see the layers of the image (e.g., the main character's eyeballs rather than just his eyes). This continues after that scene into the next, when the conductor warns that he will soon be collecting tickets. There is then an interactive game at this point, but, again the characters are blocky and sound is choppy.

I have tried playing with the frame skipping settings (e.g., setting to constant skipping at 3 frames to draw/skip and 1 frame to draw/skip) and also enabled the speed hacks, but none of these solved the problem.

I also looked through the compatibility list and noted that Polar Express was green, but was tested on version 0.9.8 (I was using v1.2.1). I downgraded to v0.9.8 and this also did not solve the problem; in fact, the game simply crashes when I get to the scene of the toy with the tickets (if it didn't crash sooner).

I've attached screenshots to illustrate the problem. The first 2 are taken at early scenes where the game works without problem. The last 3 are taken with the problem.

Thanks in advance for any help that can be provided!

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I hope you got a new PS2 console then ? since, according to here , you mentioned that you currently don't have a PS2 in your possession.
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