Policy of the PCSX2 project
It entirely conforms to the Global Forum rules:

- Warez talk is prohibited and frowned upon,to prevent legal issues. You may not post links or refer to any kind of ROM,ISO,Game that has been illegally obtained or shared. If any post like that is found,the thread containing it will be closed.

- No flaming/harassment of other members.We want to keep our forums civil and friendly. If you have an issue with a member either refer to a moderator / administrator to help or resolve it via PM

- No spamming or off-topic posts.We will not tolerate posts that are either irrelevant to a thread's subject or to a forum's subject. Before posting,please try to find the forum that is most fit for your thread.

- No adult material relevant posts or images/videos. This forum has users that are below 18,thus such material is prohibited

It also includes the following points

- Specifically, there will be no talking about or asking for pirated Playstation 2 BIOS. Users must dump their own BIOS from their own Playstation 2.

- There will be no support for modified versions of pcsx2, nor any link to unofficial builds. You can report bugs about svn builds, and even discuss them if there's something noteworthy to discuss, but no links to unofficial files for obvious reasons of security.

- As a result of the above point, we will not accept any bug report regarding third-party builds as we have no way to ascertain that they are unmodified builds. If you really want to try out newer svn revisions and report bugs, compile them for yourself. But third-party builds are not acceptable.

- There will be no slandering any other emulator. We respect and are thankful for any other emulator out there in the net.

- No discussions about controversial, offensive, confrontational or illegal topics. This specifically includes talks about religion, politics, and racial, social and sexual differences. This is a forum about a Playstation 2 emulator, keep the discussions on topic

- No asking for release dates and no pestering the developers/betatesters/members of the project. This project is maintained by strictly volunteer work, it will be done when/if it is done.

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Policy updated, please read again
Policy updated once again, about third party builds. Please read.
Policy updated. Keep in mind, this is the policy of the pcsx2 project now.

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