Hey there. Since i got my emulator working on my pc i thought about.. is it possible to play witha PS2 controller on the PCSX2 emulator? I found a Playstation-PC Converter that maybe will work but the only remaining thing is that: Will it work on the PCSX2 emulator? (Check the image) also translated the info of it that i could found on that website(its a swedish website tho):
Adapter cable to use your Playstation controls to your PC. Works also for some dance mats. Anlutningen to PC is the USB type. (the more info the bettah xD)

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I believe the Lilypad controller plugin will allow using a controller with pcsx2.
(08-01-2009, 06:51 AM)nasageek Wrote: I believe the Lilypad controller plugin will allow using a controller with pcsx2.

Well if it does it will be confusing somehow lol.. do you have to chose buttons or something like that for it? or can you just play right away with it the way its "plugged" in on the ps2?
I use the PS3 controller and yes you have to remap it. Its super easy. You just click a button on the config of the plugin and then press the corresponding button on the controller. Pretty simple. I have a usb to ps2 adapter also and it works the same way.
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Pretty much any game pad that you can get working on your computer will work with PCSX2, it's just a matter of mapping the keys properly like the others have said.
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Uh well could you make a guide or find a guide for me =/? Would be nice and thx for the info so far ;P
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