[Possible Bug] Spy Hunter rear-view mirror
Hey fellas, I've been having an issue with Spy Hunter where the rear-view mirror doesn't show anything at all besides the blank blue screen. I've tried using it on multiple levels and have had it on the whole time but it doesn't detect/show any enemies or civilian vehicles for some reason. Here's a gif showing the issue:

[Image: 382e925d298916e0454ac3d60530bd7c.gif]

As you can see there's clearly a vehicle chasing me and I passed two as well but nothing is shown in the rear-view mirror (the blue screen on the top). 

Running the latest stable version of PCSX2, using the Japan version from 2000, not using any hacks, and here are my plugins

[Image: af51dc978265573eb5e9547b4f617ce0.png]

Everything else is default.

First time posting on the forums so wanted to discuss it first before making a post in the bug reports section. I looked at the pcsx2 wiki for Spy Hunter and searched the forum but haven't found any posts about this yet. So, has anyone heard of something like this? New bug or problem on my end?

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Go to config - video (GS) - plugin settings and set Renderer to Open GL Hardware, and if necessary set Blending Unit Accuracy to "Basic (recommended)"(the default value) or higher. Or set the renderer to any of the software modes.
Setting it to Open GL worked, thanks for the help!

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